Pungi Limited is a registered distance selling pharmacy, We realised the problems people have taking time out to go to their local GP because of work, hating sitting in those waiting rooms and feeling embarrassed about some of the issues they may have.

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We are Cardiff’s only dedicated sports nutrition store, offering leading brands at unbelievably low prices.

As a relatively new business we are continuing to grow and create a strong reputation from our commitment of delivering a very high standard of service and professional advice to ensure our customers are always satisfied.

We offer experienced advice ranging from dietary information to training tips, and can help recommend what products will be best suited to you and your specific goals as well as offering individually tailored stacks at a discount.

We know how important it is for you to get the correct supplements, and with the right knowledge and advice we are here to save you time and money. We are always willing to offer our experience to you.

We are much more than just a shop, we are here to help.

Cardiff Sports Nutrition
Here at Supplement Needs we pride ourselves in stocking the brands of the highest quality. Brands such as Redcon1, MPA Supps, Granite and Performax Labs to name just a few, all boast research driven products to deliver you the best.

Furthermore we have even developed our own range which is forever evolving, delivering a wide range of health supplements that can be essential to a bodybuilders regime.

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Supplement Needs
AMP Posing
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Welcome to A.M.P. Posing Enhancements. We have engineered highly advanced posing products that ensure your desired physique. These products will give you the edge you need over your competition, by helping show case perfect proportions and symmetry.

A.M.P. Posing Enhancements uses only the highest quality of ingredients in our proprietary enhancement products. We bring you products that guaranteed results

AMP Posing