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    A little background about myself…I have always been sporty, starting off with gymnastics when I was younger with which I progressed into the national ranks. I then turned to kickboxing which I absolutely loved and worked my way half up the belt system before going to University. Academia I graduated from Loughborough University with an Honours Degree in Sports Science and Geography (odd combo I know, but I wasn’t sure on my path back then and just went with my interests! ) I have since completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Meteorology and Climatology at the University of Birmingham (as again I thought I wanted to embark in this career field). Although not directly related to sport, the science knowledge I gained from this course has certainly enhanced my ability to understand the technicalities of physiology and of course negate my way through research papers. I am starting my Postgraduate Masters Degree in September of this year (2016) in Sport Physiology & Nutrition. My long term academic goal is to complete a PhD in the field of sports nutrition or performance, the exact subject of my research is yet to be decided! Competition Stage History May 2012 – UKBFF Body Power, Figure – 3rd place September 2013 – UKBFF Leamington, Womens Physique – 2nd place – qualified for the British finals but advised to move up a category in Female Bodybuilding October 2013 – UKBFF British Finals, Female Bodybuilding – 4th palce May 2014 – NABBA South East, Trained Figure – 1st place – qualified for the British Finals June 2014 – NABBA British Finals – 2nd place October 2014 – NABBA Universe – 6th place September 2015 – UKBFF East Midlands – 1st place November 2015 – UKBFF Sugar Classic – 1st place – qualified for the British 2016 OCTOBER 2016 – UKBFF BRITISH CHAMPS - ??? Powerlifting November 2012 – Bulldog BPC, Junior – 1st place & Overall February 2013 – Bulldog BPC, 82.5kg – 1st place May 2013 – Bodypower, 82.5kg – 1st place June 2013 – WPC Europeans, Bench Only, 75kg – 1st place August 2013 – BPU Folkestone, 75kg – 1st place August 2014 – BPU Folkestone, Bench Only, 67.5kg – 1st place November 2014 – WPC Miami World Champs, Bench Only, 75kg – 1st place February 2015 – GPC Tattooed and Strong Push/Pull, 67.5kg – 1st & Female overall June 2015 – GPC European Championships, 75kg – 1st & Overall MARCH 2016 – PRORAW AT THE ARNOLDS MELBOURNE - ??? STATS: BENCH – 115kg raw (in competition), 120kg raw (in training) SQUAT – 180kg raw (in competition), 180kg raw (in training) DEADLIFT – 185kg raw (in competition), 190kg raw (in training)