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    From a young age i played sport first rugby then cricket and badminton. I wasnt the fittest during my teen years and to say i was a little chunky would be an understatement but i always had very good hand eye co ordination and this covered for my lack of fitness in cricket and badminton were i could use this strength to do well. On leaving school i started going to the gym as all lads do but it wasnt until i was 20 that i started getting more involved and really interested in bodybuilding. However at this time i was still enjoying my social life far to much which hampered any real dramatic gains. As time progressed i got more and more interested and decided i wanted to pursue a career that allowed me to be involved in sport and do something i enjoyed so i went to University and did a sports therapy degree with an additional nutrition module. I graduated with a 1st class honours and during this time i learnt an aweful lot as i had also started helping all types of athletes with their nutrition as a side job to help fund Uni. In my first year i did my first bodybuilding show (the NABBA north) and although lacked alot of size i got in fairly good nick as you can see below and this seemed to stand out. It was then that people started approaching me to aid them with their diets and i realised how much i enjoyed it. From then on ive spent countless hours researching, experimenting and doing additional courses to expand and improve my knowledge on nutrition, supplementation and training and feel i have a very good balance between scientific knowledge coupled with anecdotal experience. Something i feel thats very important in this game that not many cover is they can either spout the science (some understand it some dont) or they have years and years of experience but not many have spent the time to test the scient and learn how to use it as a base to improve all apsects of training, nutrition and supplementation. This is one of the reasons myself and Jordan have always got on because well spend hours batting different ideas and things were testing back and forward learning and improving our information together. Helping people improve their physiques was a hobby and is now a passion and this shows in my work and how i interact with all those i help.