JP Grand Prix

This is a collaboration between Jordan Peters (TrainedByJP) and Strength Asylum Gym to bring to you one of the biggest amateur bodybuilding competitions in the UK. This years competition will be held on the 8th of October, at the Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke.

For more information visit the official JP Grand Prix website here

We are very proud to have the following sponsors on board

Strength Asylum
Strength Asylum
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MYO strength
MYO strength (Overall Sponsor - Mens)
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Efectiv Sports Nutrition
Efectiv Sports Nutrition (Best Poser)
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Rebecca Andrews
Rebecca Andrews (Toned Figure)
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Scitec Nutrition
Scitec Nutrition (Mens Physique)
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Core Health & Fitness
Core Health & Fitness (Novice Bodybuilding)
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Jules Godfrey Photography
Jules Godfrey Photography
Juniors Men's Physique (23 & under)
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Green Griddle
Green Griddle (Main Sponsor)
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Evalution Coaching
Evalution Coaching (Overall Sponsor - Ladies)
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Movewell PRoject
Chris Peil (The Move Well Project) (Mens Class 3)
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Matthew Tofton
Matthew Tofton (Men's Class 2)
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Dynamix Nutrition
Dynamix Nutrition (first Timers)
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Maxx Muscle
Maxx Muscle (Anth Bailes) (Men's Class 4)
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JP Grand Prix
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