• Emily
    Emily Lingard
    I started working with Jordan in December 2014 after competing in the September of that year and being disappointed in the package I had bought to the stage. I knew him from when he worked at a gym I used to train at, but additionally a friend recommended him to me as he felt he would be able to work well with me. I can honestly say it's the best decision I could have taken! He's organised, responsive, makes regular changes to both my food plan and training, and I'm proud to call him my coach! I check in every week on a Friday morning and have feedback and any changes within a couple of hours! When you have a full time job and are working towards a goal you need that kind of structure - and it's essential that your coach is there on hand - which he is. I competed again in May of this year (2016) and won my category, receiving an invite to the UKBFF British Finals, and I'm excited that not only will be working together towards this in October, but I'm confident we'll be working together for the forceable future! Thank you Jordan..you know how much I appreciate everything you've done for me. You're stuck with me now!!

  • nissara-kirk

    Nissara Kirk
    I approached Jordan at short notice with being 7 weeks out from my first Bikini show of 2016; The IBFA Highlands & Islands Championships. – My offseason and the first 5 weeks I was being prepped online by a supposed “top of their game”, well known pro bikini athlete (with in excess of 1 million Instagram followers) – This, unfortunately all to my detriment.

    I was given a typical “one style fits all” training & nutrition regime, without having my biological mechanics/current physical shape/training ability or competition history taken into account and it was very much reversing and holding back the way I should have been looking. As a result, not only did Jordan have to completely revamp the last 5 weeks of my prep but he also had to play clean up with how my previous coach had left me.

    Jordan wasted no time in getting me on my new plan straight away, coupled with his positive approach and motivating demeanour, I was enthusiastic to see what the following 7 weeks would bring.

    Jordan has been nothing but an outstanding coach; with weekly check-ins and with the last week being daily updates and progress monitoring, he was contactable and reliable whenever I needed him; whether it be a question on my prep to if I was just having a bad day, he would always be there to support and encourage regardless to how big or small my problem was.

    On show day I was anxious how I didn't have him alongside me to see me in person and tell me exactly what to do and when, but that apprehension soon disappeared when Jordan was checking up on me continuously with instant reply’s all day, walking me through everything – no stone was unturned.
    Before I knew it I was centre stage taking Miss Inverness, Highlands & Islands Champion title – along with a statue that was nearly the size of me!!! 1st place has never felt so good.

    I was in the best condition of my life and its evidence of what you can achieve when you find the right prep coach who is not only in tune and considerate with you and your day-to-day wellbeing, but also with the invaluable knowledge and experience JP has in the world of bodybuilding.

    I am so motivated in knowing my condition is only going to improve as I have Jordan prepping me for the next 2 shows planned. (a PCA and a UKBFF federation show) - this is in hope to make it to the British Championships towards the end of the year and I am so excited to see what can be achieved together as it’s without doubt, I wouldn't have managed to get this far without him.

    His attention to detail is impeccable. He is an extremely intelligent, switched on guy and always explains the reasons behind everything we do which I find is so invaluable as you’re understanding the why’s behind the what’s – it’s a learning process also which I find majority of prep coach’s don’t do.

    To summarise; Compassion, dedication & perseverance is what you’ll get working with Jordan and I can't say enough about the uniqueness and exceptional quality of his services. When you work with him, you feel his full attention as if you are the only person in the world he is focused on and I can’t thank him enough for where he’s got me today. Bring on the rest of 2016. ☺

  • ben-taylor
    Ben Taylor
    I started working with Jordan in 2014 in preparation for my first Men's Physique competition. Over a period of 12 weeks Jordan took me to a level of conditioning I thought I would never be able to achieve. Jordan pays huge attention detail and offers support whenever you need it. Not only that, but Jordan treats you as an individual and applies techniques that are specific to you. The minute by minute support that Jordan provided me with during the day of the 2015 British Finals was completely unexpected and beyond what I was ever expecting from a coach! Could not recommend Jordan more highly.

    I have worked with Corinne for just over a year. I have found her to be one of the most focused and supportive people that I have had the pleasure to work with.

    Corinne has helped me take my physique to that next level. Her skills and abilities in bodybuilding and nutrition have led to my success in the NABBA Athletic class and qualifying for the NABBA finals in 2015.

    Corinne is willing to give you her all and leads by example.

    She has always been at the end of an email/TM when i have felt low or needed further guidance.

    I don't say this lightly........ Corinne does not suffer people who have no drive or are 'flaky' with their commitment. So make sure you are serious when signing up - you don't let this lady down she makes you accountable.

    Corinne has been and is an inspiration, and i am so pleased that she continues to work with me.

    Put simply, Corinne will get you to your target if you commit!!!!!!!!!!

  • jordan
    Jordan has been an amazing help over the last 18 months and has played a huge role in the speed of my development. I have got stronger, gained more muscle and remained leaner than i have ever done before. Jordan has always been there if ive had any questions or concerns and regularly replies within an hour when i check in with him which is hugely beneficial when changes need to be made to improve results further! He is very approachable and welcoming and i would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to take their physique or performance to the next level!

  • out
    I had picked a show at short notice and got with Jordan 12 weeks out, straight away he was as keen and as excited as me to get to work. I had my plans within days and any questions i had got answered within a matter of hours. From what Jordan has done with his physique over a short a period of time and the freaky condition himself and Corinne get in, a knew i was in good hands. When i decided to do the show i was dreading the prep, my previous prep had been so long and boring but with the new approach to training and diet i found myself at 5-6 weeks out thinking when is this diet going to get tough. The variety of foods and incorporation of fats made the diet significantly easier for me, plus the fact i was dropping body fat really quickly made the prep enjoyable. The progressive overload style training kept me strong all the way through which gave me a total different look on stage from the previous year. The fact that i work offshore meant that Jordan had to constantly be tailoring my diet to the foods i was able to consume when away, but this was never a problem, nothing was ever an issue. The week leading up to the show and the day of the show day he might as well have been by my side 24/7, he was constantly badgering me for photos and updates. Not once did i feel like i didn’t know what i was doing, the support from the start till the end far exceeded my expectations. The end result of all this was us bringing a physique to the stage that i never thought it could, i couldn’t quite believe how much my body could change in a small amount of time which has now carried on into my offseason.

  • Sam Egan
    I first contacted Jordan 9 weeks out from my most recent competition at the UKBFF National Championships as I was feeling slightly lost after choosing to prep myself in my offseason. It was the best decision I ever made. He made me feel at ease straight away and his in depth knowledge and clear love for the sport is felt throughout his coaching style. I went on to place 3rd in the competition and looked the very best I have so far in my competing career. I could not without a doubt have done this without Jordan’s guidance.

    He is more than just a coach who gives you a plan and tells you to crack on. He explains his reasoning behind the methods he has chosen which I value so much as I am able to learn as much as possible from my competing journey. He responses almost straight away to all of my queries and is always there for pep talks when I have those low days, which in this prep have been few and far between because I have never enjoyed a prep as much!

    I love his no BS approach to training and diet which my body responded to straight away and looking at my progress just within those 9 weeks I couldn’t be happier! It will has made me excited and eager for what is to come and I cannot wait to see what we can do over the season.

    Corinne was and is my first coach and the fact that I am still with her nearly a year on speaks volumes about the quality of service she provides. Her academic knowledge coupled with her practical application means that the programmes (both training and nutritional) are extremely effective in getting you closer to your goals. Not only does she deliver quality programmes but she also explains why she’s prescribed what she has which allows you to learn more about what you’re doing, so you don't feel like you’re just going through the motions. The nutritional programme features a wide variety of food (I’d have never of thought of having cocopops/bagels and jam post workout!) which makes it very easy to adhere to! Currently we are around half way through a fat loss phase and I would say I am sitting around 7lbs heavier than I was around 6 months ago (in similar condition). To top it all off she is extremely reliable and is around to reply to emails very quickly, providing a subjective view to help with any queries you may have!

    My name is oscar,I have been getting coached with Jordan over a year now.
    In that time my body has completely transformed & most importantly my mind set . Jordan is a wealth of knowledge and the amount If information I have learnt about myself, & the process is immense.

    With the help of Jordan I managed to place 2nd in the north east bodybuilding show in the physique class narrowly missing first spot & as a result qualifying for the British finals. He's attention to detail is next to no other,with weekly check ins & a couple of weeks out daily check ins and on show day hourly check ins,this is as good as online coaching gets.

    I am now on my first ever structured off season with Jordan's guidance & the changes are very evident..I can't wait to get back on stage in 2016.

    I would strongly recommend if you are a first time or a seasoned competitor or just looking to change your lifestyle to get in touch with Jordan as he's expertise is invaluable & most importantly affordable therefore making it sustainable.

    I worked with Jordan Peters getting ready for my contest 7 weeks out. Although he had very little time to get used to my body, he did a great job in not only getting me stage ready, but also taught me a great deal about myself. He pushed me to new levels, way beyond my comfort zone. Not only did he give me a contest prep plan but he was always there 24 hours if i needed someone to talk to especially during the last few weeks before the show when doubt and mind games start to creep in. I will be working with Jordan Peters for my next contest because he is the best in the field.

    UKBFF 2015 Sugar's Classic SuperHeavyweight Winner

  • ARJ
    i would like to say thank you to my trainer Jordan peters for guiding me through the past 8 months offseason and pre-contest diet. i have been training and dieting for over 6 years now and have reached decent condition, but since using Jordan to oversee both nutritional and training aspects i have developed in leaps and bounds. i used Jordan’s services for a short offseason straight off my last pre-contest diet and then a 16 week diet to get in shape for my wedding tomorrow. not only did he manage to get me in the best condition of my life but i managed to gain a good 5-6lbs of solid muscle. i have no idea how, but he managed to have me GROWING through my diet and i am so pleased with the results. i have never had to do so little cardio to reach my peak as well has having the luxury of cheat meals and coco pops as a post work out meal.

    I must say that one thing that i really liked about Jordan is his knowledge and care for overall health which seriously sets him apart from other trainers. This is a very important aspect of nutrition which i failed to take care of

    I will most definitely continue to use Jordan for my next offseason to ensure my progress is maximised. His training is very intense and diet to the number so if you are serious about your physique and have the intensity/drive to achieve those results i urge any of you this man!!!!!!!

  • Nicola Mcmillan
    Back in January 2013 after eating my way through Christmas and New Year it was time to go back to work. I literally squeezed into my trousers. Was very unhappy, unfit and unhealthy and knew something had to change. Around the same time a friend of mine who had gotten into weight lifting was showing off her hard work on Facebook – six pack, lean body and looking amazing!

    I decided at that point I was going to give this a go. Ditched the junk food and began eating healthy foods and started with some exercise and classes at my local gym. I spoke to a PT, who was also a bodybuilder, about proper weight training and my plan to possibly compete. During my first few months i also signed up to a nutrition plan with the aim to learn more about eating well and understanding nutrition a little better This was a great experience, I learned a lot however it made me realise competing was something I really wanted to do and it wasn’t just an idea or dream.

    I was recommended to look at Trained by JP and contacted Jordan that evening. We are now a year down the line and I couldn’t be happier with my results.

    I work with Jordan on a monthly ongoing basis, check in every week and work the plans accordingly. Took me a while to get my head around all the food I was eating but he was more than happy to answer my million questions. Jordan works out my meal plans and provides me all my training plans too. I log every lifting session with an aim to beat every lift the next time i’m in the gym. Something i don’t think i could do without now.

    Last Decemeber we decided to go into a comp prep. In the end I went for two competitions in Scotland – UKDFBA USN Caledonian Classic and BNBF.

    Prep is by far the hardest thing I have ever done, I gave it my all. It was full of highs and lows and Jordan was right on the end of my emails if I needed some help, advice or just to calm me down when I was having panic about my condition. His belief in me made me believe it was possible to get in the best shape i had ever been in. We knew I wasn’t going to be in perfect condition but I still completed all the cardio, every lifting session and ate every meal on the plan. I wanted to look good on stage.
    It does kind of take over your life for a while, something I struggled with a few times. Missing nights out, no dinner dates with my friends, becoming a tupperwear queen haha. The end goal was always in my mind so it kept me going. I attended posing classes and was practicing 3-4 times a week on top of my training. I had a routine and a t-walk to master as well as good execution of my poses. Tough few weeks on the run up to the stage,

    In the end I placed first at UKDFBA in the Open Bodyfit Class. I still don’t really know how to describe it… overwhelmed, shocked, floating on cloud nine. It didn’t really sink in for a few days. I was so delighted, the hard work had paid off and didn’t go unnoticed. Unanimous decision from all the judges on the day.

    Then Jordan and I went straight into a second peak week for the BNBF show, slight tweak to diet to get me in a tighter condition. This week really did test me. I was tired, emotional, hungry haha. Was it worth it? 110% I may not have placed in that show but my smile on the day said it all.
    I really couldn’t have done it without Jordan’s knowledge, support and advice.

    Whats next…
    Well i’m still checking in every week, Jordan is still tweaking my diet and i’m still following the plans. Right now my strength is on the up and it just pushes me to keep on going. I loved the whole experience of prep & competing so much that the plan is to compete again next year. So it’s time to grow but keeping me lean enough so the next prep has even better results!

    I work two jobs and train 6 times a week, cardio on top of that too. If you put the effort in you will see the results. Jordan’s knowledge will get you there. If you are considering getting in shape or competing then i highly recommend speaking to him! I can’t wait for next year to come around

  • Talitha harries
    My name is Talitha and I live in South Wales, I have been a client of trainedbyjp for almost a year! The progress and change I feel I have made within that time both physically and mentally is incredible. My initial goal when starting with Jordan was compete in the bikini category. I felt the best approach was to work with Jordan month on month checking-in weekly. As time started to draw near to competing I became very anxious and felt I was not ready mentally, Jordan has been a fantastic coach supporting me and driving me each week gave me some great advice “you will know when you are ready, and you will just go for it.” So I am currently throwing myself into the training and dieting which I love and has changed my life for the better.

    I met Jordan and Corinne at Bodypower for the first time, I was so excited I was fit to burst! I couldn’t believe how down to earth and lovely they were in person, they are actually not scary at all, or so I thought!! After seeing all their videos online I was so intrigued and eager to be trained by JP (no pun intended, honestly). So couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I travelled up to Harlow to meet Jordan and Corinne for a training session, yes, the two of them in one session (two for the price of one). It was the most intense session of my life! To the point my legs could not function and my boyfriend could not even do a bodyweight lunge!

    They both explained the idea behind their training method and took no prisoners that session, they pushed us to beyond our boundaries but kept us motivated and strong throughout. They are an incredible team, they work together so well complementing each other’s strengths. Glutton for punishment, maybe, but we are going back for more! I am so excited for what the future holds and I feel so grateful I have found a wonderful team of people that are passionate, knowledgeable, driven to succeed. It's easy to stay motivated working with these guys. They are a true inspiration! Team #trainedbyjp!

  • Daniel graham
    I contacted TraindbyJP a few months after the 2013 Bodypower EXPO, unhappy with my physique, dejected rather than inspired by the physiques Id seen on show at the expo and just how far away I was from achieving my desired physique and being on a level with those I had just seen.
    A physique I looked up to at the time was Adam Parr, whom JP had just coached to being the Miami Pro champion. I read up on JP and his training and nutritional philsophies and was blown away by not only the results of his clients and his own achievements in the sport, but the level of knowledge he exuded and passion he displayed for getting results.

    We set our sights on competing in my first show at the 2014 USN BodyPower Classic. As a contest prep client I had weekly check ins via the online portal but was also always able to fire an email with a question/concern, receiving to the point, timely responses. The diet was based/tweaked on the info given in these weekly check-ins, food choices were varied & tailored to taste but with a firm view on eating the right foods at the right time to get the results we wanted. I loved the training programs that were given to me, switched up often enough so to not stagnate, not too often to not gain the most from that current program.
    The progress I saw in the first few months surpassed anything I had seen previously.

    The end result was JP got me into the best shape of my life and in doing so also improved my mental health as I was finally on the road to achieving the physique I had always wanted and a year on from walking out of Bodypower dejected, I walked out having just stepped off stage having placed 6th in my first show, excited for the future (and some food)

    The prep was a big learning curve...learnings that will stand us in good stead for future preps. Coming off the back of the show JP already had my reverse diet/training program mapped out top start my offseason as we look to progress me from Physique to Bodybuilding.
    We have added over 20lbs to my frame since the show and my condition is that of 3/4 weeks out.

    I cannot recommend JPs services highly enough. Outside the boundless knowledge on how to build muscle/get shredded/increase strength, the support and encouragement transcends that of merely a coach and a client. He truly cares. He is results driven, no doubt, and demands 100% commitment, but thats down to him wanting to see you fulfil your true potential, which being under his watch, I am 110% I will if I stick to the plans with nailed on consistency and give as much effort into the training and diet mapped out as JP does to each and everyone of his clients.

  • Nic White
    After a 17-year lay-off from competitive bodybuilding, of which about ten years of that time was away from the gym, I ballooned up to 315lbs at my heaviest and sat at around 300lbs for at least a decade, accumulating what would become very hard to shift body fat.

    By the start of 2012, I was down to around 280lbs and set out to compete at the NABBA South-east, giving myself 16 weeks to get into shape. To cut a long story short, despite endless hours of cardio and following the nutrition plan given to me, I failed, and stood on stage very much out of shape, and I knew it. The same happened at the UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow some 18 months later. It was nobody’s fault but mine – my previous lifestyle had caught up with me and my body seemed to have lost the ability to respond as I needed it to.

    Despite these 2 failed attempts, I wanted to give it one last shot, but knew that a radically different approach was needed. Having come across Jordan and Trained by JP on Facebook, I was impressed by JP’s level of knowledge and some of the transformations he’d brought about with his clients, not to mention his own transformation over a relatively short number of years. Intuition told me that JP was the man, and if anyone was going to be able to get me to the level of conditioning required, it would be him, and if he couldn’t help me achieve what I wanted to I was going to give up the notion of ever being able to get in proper contest condition again. This was my last roll of the dice.

    My prep lasted 25 weeks – very necessary considering my history, and what seemed like a daunting task actually became the single most positive experience in almost 30 years of bodybuilding.

    Jordan’s knowledge is immense, and in just 6 months I’d learnt more about my chosen sport than in the previous 30 years. But JP’s knowledge isn’t the most impressive thing he has to offer; it’s his innate understanding of knowing what to apply, when to apply it, and for how long. The closer I got to contest day, changes were implemented on an almost daily basis, and every call JP made was absolutely bang on the money.

    Now this may seem like a big statement, but when someone takes you from being a washed-out has-been, instills the belief and confidence in you that what seems unachievable can actually be achieved with dedication, hard work and consistency, what started out as another contest prep became a life-affirming experience. I have a lot to thank Jordan for as almost single-handedly he reignited my enthusiasm for weight training and competitive bodybuilding.

    Having worked with JP for 2 back-to-back competitions we’re now a few weeks into what I can already feel will be a very productive off-season, perhaps my most productive off-season ever. We have the 2015 competitive season planned out, and having spent 7 months working with Jordan I cannot contemplate not working with him for as long as I carry on competing, and this means the off-season too as this is when much of the hard work needs to be done. Having achieved so much in the first phase of working together, the next 9 months leading up to my debut in the over-50’s will see a further rebirth of my physique – very exciting times ahead. I have learned to trust the process and have complete confidence in JP to help me maximize my potential.

    I choose to work with corinne after following trainedbyjp on Facebook for quite some time and after seeing a few of there transformations and seeing the condition both of them bring to the stage I knew that I wanted to work with them! Working with corinne has been the best thing I've done since I Began training I've progressed more in the 9 weeks I've been with her then I have the past year my only regret is not working with her sooner! It's good to work with someone that not only talks the talk but walks the walk! The knowledge that both her and Jordan provide is outstanding and I can't say a bad word against them! Corinne always makes my diet interesting and gets back to any questions I have the same day! I'm loving the results so if you want to make mad gains I can't suggest a better team to work with. I'm looking forward to what me and corinne can achieve over the next year and I'm thankful to work with her :)!!!

    Where do I begin?! I contacted Jordan back in March/April 2014 to enquire about contest prep. Is contest prep what I got? Technically yes, but what he has not realised is that he has given me so much more. I came to him after having the bulk of my life which left me in a bit of a state, let us call this cuddly (fat), and to get this into contest ready shape would be no easy feat. But Jordan took on the challenge that was I and has taken me right the way to the stage. In simple Jordan has given me my confidence back tenfold, he has inspired me and re-lit the fire in my belly I have for training, competing and helping others in the same field. I genuninely cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me and will be forever grateful for all of his guidance and mentor-ship. After the competition I would be silly to let it all go and not continue to learn and develop with Jordan so I have decided to stay on as a client in order for my physique to, once again, be taken to the next level.

  • Glen WordsellL
    I have been working with Jordan for 18 months now and he has helped me change my condition, shape, and overall confidence.

    He works in the fitness world from bodybuilding to fitness modelling and he understands what his clients go through to achieve their goals as he has been there and done it himself.

    I know I wouldn't have achieved my condition without his help so I would 100% recommend him and I am still working with him now to compete again and beat my last condition.

    I first met Jordan around November 2012 through my good friend and client of Jordan's at the time Adam Parr. After meeting up with Jordan a couple of times I saw straightaway this guy knew what he was talking about. I would meet Jordan in the Central Birmingham and show up with a ton of questions which he would have a answer for everyone along with a full explanation why that was his answer which I respected alot.

    About a year later I decided to compete on stage at the Bodypower Expo May 2014. As soon as I made this decision I got in touch with Jordan and he helped me through my prep which started in January 2014. The problem I had was prior to starting comp prep, I kind of got obsessed with the term "bulking" especially towards the back end of 2013 and I decided to just try and pack as much size as I could ready to start trimming up in the new year and looking back it was a very bad mistake because I may of added some size but I also added alot of body fat as you can see from by before picture.

    With Jordan's help, I managed to drop from 17 and half stone to stepping on stage around 14 stone in a total of 18 weeks, the before and after picture showed here is 16 weeks difference. He also helped me post show to make sure I didn't go back to my old ways!

    I highly recommend Jordan as a coach ONLY if your serious about achieving what your setting out to achieve! There is no magic potion to working your ass off. Jordan can only help you in so many ways! Only YOU can decide if you want it bad enough!

  • Joey Stepp
    I have been working with Jordan for over 8 months now, and It truly was the best decision I've ever made. The results I have attained with his incredible knowledge have literally changed my life.
    I would not have been able to make it this far with out the unlimited support I got.

    He always had the answer, and always knows best, I have been through financial and health barriers, but we always found a way to break through them and come out on top.

    I can never express my appreciation enough for what he has done, and I can see me being apart of trainedbyjp for the foreseeable future.
    Thank you Jordan for everything.

  • Haider Mehdi
    Hi my names Haider Mehdi and I started working with jordan around 13/14 months ago. I was always a gym gooer but wanted to take my physique to the next level and compete in the men's physique category. Since then not only has my physique come on leaps and bounds so has my knowledge of eating, training and my attitude towards life in general. I owe this all to jordan supporting me, telling me how it is (being honest) and directing me towards the UKBFF where I would be suited to compete. I have competed a total of 4 times, finishing in the top 5 at my first 2 qualifiers out of over 20 guys each time, then 2nd and then my biggest achievement was winning the USN classic bodypower 2014. I have also landed sponsorship from pharmafreak one the leading supplement brands in the world, I have a great clothing sponsor had numerous photoshoots with the uks leading fitness photographers been featured in beef magazine and have just completed an interview for a 2 page feature in Octobers flex magazine! So all in all you could say it's been a successful first year competing! Now to do my best in the British finals in October. Without jordan I have no doubt in my mind this wouldn't have been achievable. Thank you mate.

  • Daniel Graham
    I've worked with JP through 1 contest prep and am 12 weeks into my current offseason; through both phases JP has provided great support and tailored training and nutritional programs, tweaked according to my feedback from my weekly check-ins and saw me place top 10 in my first show at Bodypower in the USN classic and add 20lbs to my frame in 12 weeks in my current offseason as I move from physique competitor to U8-'s bodybuilding.

    I cannot recommend JPs services highly enough. Outside the boundless knowledge on how to build muscle/get shredded/increase strength, the support and encouragement transcends that of merely a coach and a client. He truly cares. He is results driven, no doubt, and demands 100% commitment, but thats down to him wanting to see you fulfill your true potential, which being under his watch, I am 110% I will if I stick to the plans with nailed on consistency and give as much effort into the training and diet mapped out as JP does to each and everyone of his clients.

    I turned to Jordan as I was fed up training hard and feeling that I wasn't getting the results that I wanted. I decided whilst on holiday that I would like to take it up a level and "guarantee progression". I got in touch with Jordan and he gave me a diet and training plan which yielded results with just a few weeks. JP continually modified the training and diet as we went to the next phase - to prepare for a show. He was always there to answer questions and give great advice - even on the night before show - staying up late into the night, due to my work commitments, to see what condition I was holding before advising on the show strategy.

    I recently visited Jordan and Corinne at the Ripped Gym in Harlow which was a thoroughly (though not at the time!!) enjoyable time. Was really great to meet them and get an insight into how they train. Can't wait to do it again soon!!

    After being let down by a well renowned prep coach, I was then informed about Jordan. I visited his website, saw the client transformations and was sold immediately. How had I not heard about this guy? I emailed Jordan, sent him a picture and he was eager to take on the challenge ! I've just completed a 20 week prep. Needless to say, I started with a horrific starting point ...

    I have learnt things about my body that i never knew before .His plans have pushed my body and mind to their absolute limits and I am in the best shape of my life. I loved it and intend to stay with Jordan throughout my off season and into my next show.
    If you're serious and want to be the best that you can be, then go with JP.
    You won't regret it.

  • Matthew Tofton
    I began working with Jordan in late june 2013. I had just competed in pretty poor condition (by the standards we now have) and planned to compete a few months later at the UKBFF north east. Straight away it was easy to see how Jordan perfectly combines science with application. He made some changes that very quickly impacted on my physique. For the wealth of knowledge Jordan possess it's his sickening work ethic and preaching of consistency thats had the greatest effect on me. The trained by JP team not only get 100s of people in great shape but they are in the trenches themselves. Day after day. Getting results. They are their own clients inspiration. In 2013 went on to qualify for the British finals. Narrowly missing out on a top 6 placing. Jordan meticulously planned my off season and currently 4 weeks away from my next show 30lbs heavier than when I was last on stage. Its safe to say that I would recommend trained by JP to anyone. You get everything you need. Great knowledge. Great motivation and even sometimes great life coaching.

  • Lewis walker
    I have been with Jordan 18 months now and it has been the most productive and best 18 months of my 6 years of training. Not only have I transformed my look and gained a lot of muscle, I have also learned a tonne of priceless information that has allowed me to progress myself. Jordan cares , when you compete he makes you feel he's competing too. He knows everyone is different and will always get results no matter the person or goal. I have 100% trust in him and I look forward to many more years of progression

  • Samuel Vale
    I approached Jordan as I had seen many of his transformations online and wanted someone I could trust to get me ready for my first bodybuilding show and instantly knew that he was the right person. During my time with Jordan he was very precise with his methods and any questions that were asked were answered promptly. What ever he gave me I did and I think when taking on a prep coach that is exactly what you need to do otherwise why have a coach? I checked in every week with Jordan with weight and pictures and closer to show they became more regular. I also visited him to go through posing and so he could look at me in person. Jordan's check in facilities are quick and easy to use and had no issues using them. I got into the best shape I had ever been in and placed 4th in my first show which fulfilled my target of finishing top 5. I learnt a lot on my journey through my prep and really got to know my body. I would recommend his services to anybody looking to hit the stage, gain muscle or lose body fat. I will definitely be using his services during my off season and next prep.

  • luke nevill
    Knowledge is gained by learning. After meeting Jordan at a fat loss seminar, I started following him on Facebook and then decided to hire him as a coach after being overwhelmed by his knowledge and client success rate (initially just to learn his principles and training methods for myself and my own clients but then he pushed me to compete).

    I've trained with him now for over a year and a half, gone from 87kg at around 20% body fat to currently 100kg + in the shape of my life. His knowledge is next to none, his work ethic is inspiring and his commitment to his clients can all be seen through his extensive and consistent results he generates year round.

    It's refreshing to have someone like Jordan in the industry who appreciates the needs of his clients and puts in 110% if you do in return. Top coach and a genuinely nice guy who I can happily call a friend as well, highly recommended to anyone looking to take their physique to the next level and wanting to learn a lot on the way. Best investment I've ever made.