Born in Iran, 1985, moved to the UK with my parents and younger brother when I was 7. Through a background in basketball and kickboxing I found a passion in weight training from the age of 13 when I bought my first York weightlifting set. Along with sports, I grew consistently in muscularity.

Even though I had no real interest in getting on stage, after I finished university, aged 21, I had time on my hands so started a typical bodybuilder lifestyle, training routine, meals and rest.

I grew consistently and was told to compete but I just enjoyed life and training too much so didn’t care much. Until 6 years later when I was 27, I thought I’d try my luck and competed in my first show. I won, caught the bug and it spiraled from there very quickly.

UKBFF north east intermediates over 90kg 1st place

UKBFF north west heavyweights over 90kg overall 1st place
UKBFF British finals heavyweights 1st place and 2nd overall

UKBFF British finals heavyweights 2nd place

UKBFF British finals heavyweights 1st place, overall and IFBB pro card

IFBB Chicago wings of strength pro debut 5th place

IFBB New York pro 6th place
IFBB California pro 2nd place

At this moment I am prepping for 2018 California pro show. My aim this year is to achieve a pro win and make it to the Olympia stage. I WILL be in the the winners circle and on the Olympia stage soon.

Ultimately my long term goal is to place top 6 at the Mr Olympia, and I know I have what it takes. I need to train smart as I want longevity in this sport and a long career of successful showings and to be a great ambassador for bodybuilding whilst representing my home, the UK.