Both Corinne and Jordan offer one off plans, which allow for follow up check ins, when they are needed. Both training and diet plans are written based on Individual needs and goals.Alternatively ongoing coaching is offered. This again entails diet and training plans written based on Individual needs and goals, but also includes weekly check ins and assessments of progress, alterations each week based on the goals and timeframe at hand.

Jordan Peters



One off diet plan


One off training plan


Check ins within 3 months of the initial plan - after which a new plan needs to be written


Comp prep all male and female classes
(additional competitions in the final month £50/comp)


1 hour skype consultation


1 hour coaching session


3 months off season coaching (all male and female classes)


Daily Coaching


Monthly Coaching


Train with JP & Corinne (90min)


Train with Jordan only


Jordan Peters



One off diet plan


One off training plan


Check ins within 3 months of the initial plan - after which a new plan needs to be written


1 Month Off season coaching


Initial 3 months off season coaching for all classes and disciplines


Comp prep for all classes & disciplines - minimum of 16 weeks (variable on discussion)


1 Hour coaching session (available on request)


Posing lessons 45 minutes


Train with JP & Corinne (90min)


Train with Corinne


Why Hire us?

Both Jordan and Corinne have the following qualifications: Undergraduate degree in Sports Science from Loughborough university, and a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from Manchester Met university.

Why is This Important?

If your coach cannot tell you the science behind the plans, it leaves doubt and questions as to why you are doing them. This doesn’t install faith. However, being provided with accurate, evidence based answers, allows you the client to develop your own knowledge and also brings a higher level of motivation when you understand the process better as a whole.

How Experienced Are we?

Both Jordan and Corinne hold pro cards in the nabba federation.

Corinne is also a British, European and world powerlifting champion. Understanding what it is like to compete at a high level, allows for a deeper understanding of the mental stress some competitors struggle with. We take competing very seriously , winning is important! So we can help you mentally, to reach your goals of becoming a champion.

How Long Have we Been Coaching?

Between us we have over 10 years of coaching experience, working with now thousands of clients and putting hundreds onstage. Winning pro cards across all federations, aswell as handling many first time preps. If you are prepared to work hard, we will work hard for you!

Are we Expensive?

Cost wise for monthly coaching is £140 pounds per month. This is likely on the higher price end for the U.K. However, there isn’t a single coach in the country with masters level education who also competes themselves at the level we do. So you could save yourself 40-50 pounds per month, but your selling yourself short and just prolonging the time to reach your goals.

Cheaper coaches will never be able to match what we can provide knowledge and support wise. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to coaching.

Our services:

Diet plan: this is a plan that is written custom to your needs, it can be a plan to drop body fat or to maximise muscle gain. It can also be focused around Health and recovery from any illness or issues you may have.

Training plan: this is a custom training plan that is written based on your bodies lagging areas, focusing on exercise selection and order to ensure you improve quickly. It has detailed explanations on how exercises are to be performed to maximise hypertrophy. It’s written based on the number of days you can optimally recover from and the days you can be in the gym based on your schedule.

Monthly coaching: this includes the diet and training plans above, but then also has weekly check ins , which asses your progress. Alterations to the plans are then made as needed to ensure you keep changing.

One off check ins: if you have bought a plan , and want to check in every now and then , you can pay for just a check in when you feel you need it. This maybe once a month or once every six weeks. It must be within 12 weeks of buying the initial plan and you must of stuck to the initial plan.

Comp prep coaching: this is the same as monthly coaching but with the end goal of stepping onstage.

Daily coaching: this is the same as monthly coaching but with check ins everyday. This is important for the last month of a competition prep, however is not essential.

Additional competitons: if you are on a comp prep plan and have more than one comp in the month. An additional 50 pounds is charged for the work needed for peaking again.

Email consultations: these are back and forth emails over the period of a day to answer questions you may have on a topic.

Train with JP & Corinne: Join in and train with us! The session is typically 90 mins in duration and will be either push, pull or legs as that is the current training split. We must stress, that this NOT a pt session, so it will be at the pace of Jordan/Corinne/both, with high focus and intensity. NOT suitable for beginners.


Decide which coach you would prefer to work with

Look at the packages above and decide which service is best for you

Email through to outlining the following

  • Name
  • Coach
  • Service
  • Start Date

The email will be replied to and the q&a form will be sent out as well as payment information.

Once all information is received, the coach will then have the plan to you within 1 week ready to start!