Hi guys. I'm Matt Tofton, a bodybuilder and gym owner from Grimsby. I first started going to the gym when I was at college doing my A levels. I was on the books of a championship level football team as a teenager and I won three county tennis championships during secondary school but I was never the greatest physical specimen. I was a short, chubby kid with lots of ability but no physicality and this cost me. I had trials for a semi professional football team when I was 17 so started using the gym in order to improve my sports performance.

It was at university whilst studying sports and exercise science that I first found bodybuilding. I joined a gym full of bodybuilders and I was in awe. I knew from that point on that I wanted to be massive. I trained pretty much every day but I also partied pretty much every day too. I built a good amount of muscle but I wasn't in shape as such.

It wasn't until I had finished university in 2012 that I started to look at the nutrition side of things. This is when it all changed. I dieted for a local bodybuilding show that at four weeks out got cancelled. I checked the internet and the UKBFF North East was only five weeks away. I signed up. I had very little idea about what I was doing. Nothing was weighed. It was one of this, one of that, and I just winged it. Reading forums and scouring the internet. I ended up cutting my water at 8pm Friday night. The show was on the Sunday. I won the Junior category and then ballooned up by 40lbs in 3 days with severe water retention. I hadn't recovered from the rebound by the British finals so that was ruined. I realised that I needed a coach.

That's when I met Jordan. I signed up to his extreme lean ebook 8 week competition which I won. The prize was 16 weeks coaching so Jordan prepped me for my 2013 season. I narrowly missed a top 6 in the intermediate u90kg category. Fast forward 5 years to where we are now and I now have three national top 3 finishes and a fifth place finish at the worlds. I owe so much of where I am today as a bodybuilder, coach and a person to Jordan and Corinne and I am absolutely honoured to be a part of team Trained by JP. My goal now is to win my IFBB pro card and with the belief put in me by the team I will be doing everything in my power to make that happen!