Name: Stefan Wottawa
Nationality: Austrian

Born: Vienna

Age: 31

Height: 186cm / 6'1"
Weight: 2018 - offseason 125kg – stage 115kg
Instagram: wottison

Sport always played a big role in our family. As I grew up, my parents got me to play tennis, which I started with the age of 6. Year by year I got better and wanted to challenge myself against others, so we decided little Stefan should start to play at competition level. As the years went by, we were able to win some divisions and I met a tennis coach, who was my inspiration to start working out.

At the age of I guess 16, I dropped tennis, because working out in a gym made me feel (and of course look) good and I enjoyed every single session. Year by year, my interest in bodybuilding grews, I started to read magazines (maybe not the best decision with this age J) and tried to get better and stronger as the year before. But I had no interest on competing at this time. I was a little introverted guy, standing on stage seems like an insurmountable hurdle for me, so I just wanted to look good naked J

But the thought of being competetive never left my mind. So it comes as it has to come, I thought if I never go on stage with the next years (I was 26 at this time) I would regret in in the future. „Now or never“ I told myself and this was the start of my first preperation for a bodybuilding competition. A friend of mine told me, he got one oft he best coaches in Austria, Stefan Kienzl. I knew nothing about competetive bodybuilding so I was very excited to meet stefan in person and we talked about what I would fit best in his opinion.
„Typical classic bodybuilding look, no matter what. Should fit perfect“. It was the end of october as we started working together. Lets do offseason !

At this time I was about 95kg at the beginning in october ‘13 and finished offseason with 117kg in june ’14. Competition day was 97kg, far away from classic bodybuilding and I had something in my mind. „Im not that bad as I thought I’d be“. Second competition season in 2016, we finished with 105kg stage weight.

One thing that changed everything for me, was the seminar of jordan and corinne in december 2016, where them both shocked the austrian bodybuilding world with only two words: „Progressive overload“. This was the start of something new. New training systems, new personal bests, and a lot of new tissue.

Stefan and myself made the best mix for myself out of frequency, regeneration and of course super intense workouts. And the upcoming season showed the benefits, stageweight 115kg.

Jordan, Corinne and all of us austrian guys always stood in contact, but we never mind that we could be a part of this brand, trainedbyJP. Until the day, jordan asked if we are interested in being part of trainedbyJPnutrition. I guess you know the answer J

And now, we are here.
It’s an absolute pleasure to be a part of this outstanding team and make some big trouble in the bodybuilding world. Thanks for this chance, corinne and jordan J