My name is Tim Aspinall, I’m a Mortgage Broker by trade but bodybuilding is my true passion. I started out playing football and rugby, representing the county of Derbyshire at both of these sports as well as athletics. I just loved playing sports as a kid. I perused football but following an injury at age 24 I had to stop and then that’s when I got into weight training.

I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but I loved the buzz of proper old school bodybuilding gyms I trained at and took advice from various local bodybuilders. At age 26 I decided to take it serious and that’s when I contacted Jordan. We set up a plan and that took me to my first show, UKBFF First Timers qualifier which we won and then went on to win the UKBFF first timers British Finals that same year 2015. I then took a year or so away to focus on going self employed with work. Once this was running successfully I spoke with Jordan and we began working towards the PCA Novice qualifier which we won along with the overall. Then we took the win at the British Finals and onto the World Championships in class 2 and finished 6th (all in 2018).

The plan now is to continue to build and make a mark as a class 1 competitor as this is where I will now be competing since the change with the heights for the classes.

Ultimate goal would be to obtain Pro status but the main thing for me is to continually improve both physique and knowledge and give back to others looking to get involved in this amazing pursuit.