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it’s what we live & breath, day in, day out and we (Jordan, Corinne & 17+ other athletes & educators) record our workouts, methods and training logs for all of our members to share in our passion.

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Not only do we provide some of the most in depth and REAL video content, our exclusive forum section is closely looked after by all of our athletes and educators, meaning you can ask ANYTHING you wish and get a reply within hours from some of the top UK bodybuilders and talent.

  • – Not sure how to structure your macros?
  • – What workout to do?
  • – Which PCT to follow?
  • – How to prep for your show?

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and seeing them get results, thats what we are here for!

We have you covered, from total beginners to your most advanced professional level bodybuilders, we cater to all. We work with the best team of videographers who are constantly upping their game to give you feature level quality videos every week!

New Videos

Every Week

We now have over 400 videos and in the last month alone we uploaded 25 new videos with over 8 hours of footage from ALL of our athletes covering everything from beginners to comp prep, supplements to steroid cycles, nutrition and mindset.


Training Logs

Want to know how we do it? No secrets, no tricks, no gimmicks? Every athlete and educator has their daily log, this is your insight into their daily life, where each athlete and educator details day in day out what, how and why they do everything they do to get results. Follow along and join in the conversation.


Training Log

Our new training log means you can log all your workouts directly in the app, review previous lifts and record personal bests to keep you on track as you progress with your goals.

You can even follow Jordan’s (and other athletes soon) current training log and split to train exactly how he does.



After years of trial and error Jordan has determined his favoured macro split to get the best results, simply enter your stats in the diet planner and you will be given your macros for all your meals, pre/intra/post workout and rest day to ensure you are getting the most from your efforts.

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